About KIZAKURA Fishing Float

Float is very important part of ISO fishing style.
KIZAKURA produce more than 300,000 floats a year with 40 years of technology.

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Our float,in Japan called  “UKI”(浮き子) ,has one of the great sensitivity and accurate buoyancy.

The history of uki begins in the Middle Ages in Japan.

The original shape of the current float was created in the Edo period, and today, various shapes of floats are being created.

In that history, we, Kizakura, were founded in 1975 in Saga Prefecture, Japan.
Saga Pref. is one of Japan’s leading fishing spots called the “Genkai Sea”, and our company’s floats are full of know-how for catching fish there.


ZENSOH (全層)Fishing Style In Japan

“FUKASE”(フカセ) fishinig style is historical fishing style in Japan.

This Fukase fishing is a way to catch fish naturally like “Zen”.

For that reason, it is necessary to use a float to let swim the bait naturally.

There are necessary to use float to read the tide and imagin the fish locations.

“ZENSOH”(全層) style fishing is popular method to do such ISO fishing.



OUR float aim a good ability , because  the Patented manufacturing method.

 ” All Masking Revolution ” for short” A.M.R ”  is our patent.

◎ Hard outer shell ,using high-strength ABS resin.
◎ Homogeneous, gap-free urethane inner shell.
◎ Accurate weight ,machined in increments of 0.01g.
◎ Strong and smooth coated, by automatic coating machine.
◎ Hand-painted accurate lines, by craftsmen.


We improved the technology from the traditional manufacturing method.
Our policy is “We produce , not high-expensive ,not just traditional goods.” for every people who want to enjoy fishing.

By improving craftsmanship and manufacturing technology, we create affordable price float.
With 40 years of technology, we produce more than 300,000 units a year.


About Trading

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Name of person in charge : Taro Kaneko (金子太郎)/Foreign Trade Manager